Music Courses

      Professional Wind and String Instrument Courses     
Group and Individual (Age 3 or above)

Our Academy’s instrumental couses are taught by professional musicians.  All the courses, from fundamental to professional levels are at world class standard. 


Our Academy will assess our students on a regular basis and issue certificates to students who pass the assessment.  Also our academy will present our students to international music examination boards for exams and equip our students with internationally recognised qualifications.

      String Instruments Courses     





      Woodwind Instruments Courses     






     Brass Instruments and Percussion Instruments Courses     






      Orchestra Preparation Courses Group Courses      
About Age 2 to 3

We teach the toddlers to perform fundamental musical pieces by using the wind, string and percussion instruments. We train the toddlers' basic musical senses, rhythms and theory knowledge, and stimulate their interest in musical performance through fundamental wind and string ensemble training. Certificates will be awarded to students who pass the exam and reach 70% attendance rate.

               Symphony Orchestras    

The Symphony Orchestras of our Academy are conducted and trained by international level musicans. Our orchestras will hold regular concerts and competitions, providing an exceptional experience to our members. Eligible applicants must pass an audition before they can be accepted as members of the orchestras. Our orchestras will issue certificates and prizes to outstanding members every year.






China Hong Kong Youth Symphony Orchestra                                                                                            


(Children's Choir)

Junior Orchestra

Entry requirement: Beginners to Grade 3




Senior Orchestra                                                                                                                                        


Entry requirement: Grade 4 or above



China Hong Kong Youth Symphony Orchestra                                                                                            



(Children's Choir)

Entry requirement: Age 3 or above



China Hong Kong Youth Symphony Orchestra                                                                                            



Entry requirement: Musicians who posses exceptional musical talents and have attained above Grade 8 standard.


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