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China Hong Kong Arts Academy  


The China Hong Kong Arts Academy’s prime objective is to provide international standard studies in music and art courses to train our students to become our society’s elite. These two domains of studies can stimulate and improve our students’ potential in a number of ways, including brain development, performance skills, presentation ability, emotional intelligence, imagination ability, concentration, endurance training, dual process reasoning, pressure coping ability, responsibility, time management, strive for excellence and sense of cooperation.

Our Academy’s international standard faculty of music consists of world-renowned orchestras’ professional musicians and holders of degrees from internationally renowned music academies. The Academy organizes regular concerts, master classes and overseas music performance tours to help our students accumulate a range of performance experiences

All of our art teachers are holders of art degrees from top universities all over the world, guaranteeing high quality teaching standards. In addition to providing first rate training to our students, the faculty of our Academy furthermore are actively involved in the promotion and development of the local art scene.

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