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Children Art Courses

Little Artist

Target: 2.5-5 years old



• Explore and create art in a variety of media   

• Learn to express freely and creatively

• Learn to interpret, criticise and use visual information

• Improve fine motor and visual-spatial skills




HK$2510/ 8 lessons, HK$3190/ 12 lessons (1 hour per lesson)

Child Oil Paint 

Target: 6-11 years old



• Learn a variety of basic skills in oil painting including colour-mixing and paint application

• Learn about the unique characteristics of oil paint

• Work with a wide range of topics designed to encourage creative expression 

• Explore different subjects and styles in order to practise different techniques and applications




HK$2510/ 8 lessons, HK$3190/ 12 lessons (1 hour per lesson)

Ceramics Class

Target above 6

• Learn to create ceramic objects with various tools and hand-building techniques 

• Explore a variety of methods to decorate and glaze ceramic works

HK$2510/ 8 lessons (1 hour per lesson)

Material Cost: Depends on Artworks

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